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Living in a small space has its challenges, mostly from lack or storage. How do you make a small space functional and still aesthetically pleasing? Now what if you already have that dilemma and you add your small budget on top of it, you get a rather perplexing situation. In this article I will include some quick tips on how to make your place feel like home!

1. Bed Raisers or Stilts These handy things go underneath your mattress frame and raise your bed off the ground to create a plethora of hidden storage space underneath the bed! Bonus: they are extremely inexpensive. You can finally have a place to put your extensive shoe collection, out of season clothes, luggage, or maybe some of those books that just won’t fit on the bookshelf! This helps alleviate some of the clutter that would be found in your closet, or bookshelves!

2. Visually Enhance Existing Space Making small spaces appear bigger is often a challenge, but if you simply move things closer to the ceilings you can visually enhance space. Most definitely try to use floor to ceiling drapes, hang the curtain rod as close to the ceiling as possible. This creates a long line that will visually appear to elongate the height of the room. The best part of this: if you have the drapes already, you won’t have to spend a single cent on this little alteration!

3. Baskets Baskets can be found cheaply at second hand stores and you may even already have some! How about placing some decorative baskets atop bookcases them to organize things you don’t want to be out in the open, tissue paper, napkins, Christmas decorations? Additionally baskets can be used in a variety of places for a variety of uses. You can attach them to the walls of the bathroom to hold towels, tissue, and bath products out of sight. Baskets can be used inside or closet or armoire to organize socks and undergarments. The most advantageous aspect of baskets is that they can conceal less visually stimulating clutter.

4. Hooks! Hooks are incredibly budget friendly and can free up valuable space in drawers, cabinets, and closets. Hooks also give you the chance to arrange things well to provide some inexpensive all decor. Hooks can be used in the bathroom to hang towels if you have run out of cupboard space! In the entryway you can hang hooks on the wall to hang your coats, hats and scarves. In the kitchen you can use hooks to hang and display your cookware, utensils, and oven mittens.