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Other than getting a new ‘do (kept the length, added layers and chunkier highlights), not a lot happening lately. I may have to fly into Orange County for another meeting in a few weeks and Tony may have to spend some time in Israel for work.

A meme I found (just to take up space):

1. First time you got kissed? First grade. At the bus stop. Shrug.
2. First time you drove a car? I was fourteen, a month before my fifteenth birthday. My dad and I spent weekend mornings in our old 1979 Ford LTD driving in and around my small town. The day after I turned fifteen, I got my driver’s license and I felt so grown up.
3. First time you scrapbooked? Sixth grade. If you count cutting out photos of my favorite band (DEF LEPPARD) from various rock mags (Circus, Metal Edge) and pasting them to notebooks as scrapbooking.
4. First time you went on a date? Where did you go and with who? I was a freshman in high school. I had a crush on my next door neighbor who was a senior. He asked me to a school basketball game. I remember getting into his car and smelling cigarette smoke and thinking Wow, this is so cool! A senior! And he smokes!. I was such a dork, even then.
5. First time you fell in love? How did you know? I always had crushes and (as cheesy as this sounds) I did not really fall in love until I was 24 when I met Tony. I think we had been going out for a few months and we were at his cousin’s house for a Mother’s Day brunch when it just hit me as I was eating eggs and toast, Omigawd I love this man!
6. First time you cooked for someone? I’m embarrassed to say, but I don’t think I’ve cooked for anyone until Tony and I started living together. I’ve baked cookies and cakes for people, but I’ve never actually cooked a meal for anyoneuntil I was 25 years old!
7. First time you got on a plane? Where did you go? Were you scared? I was three or four, flying to the States for the first time. I must have been scared because my Mother said I threw up on the plane.
8. First time you shaved your legs? Did you cut yourself? I was eleven. It was mandatory we took Physical Education and there was no way I was going to be the ‘hairy girl’ in the dressing room! And no, I did not nick myself.
9. First time you put on make up? Looking back how did you do? Did you look good or like a clown? Again, eleven years old. All the junior high kids were doing it. I was in my heavy metal phase and would color my eyebrows a bright electric blue. I thought it was totally cool.
10. First time you moved out of your home? Was it an apartment, house, etc? I was eighteen, ready to conquer the world….in a dormitory. I stayed there for two years then moved into these apartments (horrible) before settling herewith a fellow Brother.