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If you’re a home-owner, you know perfectly well the never ending desire to constantly update or improve your home in any way you can. For me personally, I get addicted to remodelling projects. I love the thrill of transforming my home into something else, as well as bringing a stroke of genius that popped into my head for life. It’s addictive to say the least, but in a positive, beneficial way for yourself and those around you.

Most recently, I have been consumed with the idea of transforming my basement into, for lack of a better term, a state of the art living area. A room where I can entertain company in any way I see fit, enjoy the big game in comfort, or host a formal or informal gathering. I have visions of a gorgeous bar, a billiards table, an enormous sectional couch, a spacious bathroom, and more.

At the moment, my budget doesn’t quite allow me to get started on my dream project, but I’m making strides towards the end goal. I’ve started work on building the bar myself using my years of woodworking experience, and it’s coming along quite nicely. I’m using cherry wood as I have found it very easy to work with in the past, and plan on layering it with an even darker, more gorgeous stain when the project is finished.

The billiards table and sectional are as simple as finding the right pieces and placing order, but matching your furniture to the room is something I have yet another personal obsession with. The wood on the table must match that of the bar, while the sectional colour must coincide nicely with the deep red colour I have begun to paint the walls.

Overall, I am going with that warm, cosy feel that is all too often lost in homes. My goal is to create a comfortable, welcoming environment for myself and my loved ones, and one that allows you to both relax and enjoy the moment. It’s a project that comes with a hefty price tag, and ensures plenty of gruelling work along the way, but one with a reward that will certainly be worth the hard work.