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First Friday: Marc, Kim, Tony and I lucked out with a great parking spot on 7th and Roosevelt. Didn’t realize this shop even existed. Uber-cuteness going on. And I was drooling over these delish pastries (you can also find her at La Grande Orange) next door. My favorite exhibit was from Denise Yaghmourian at Modified Arts. I loved the simplicity of the white knitted baby jumpers and how they were hanging from a thin clothesline with various descriptions on the front (saint…sinner…martyr…giver…).

Afterwards, we met up with Jill and her date at Coronado CafĂ©. Omigawd, I heart their meatloaf. It was loaded with some hot peppers which gave it a wholelotta zing on top of a mound of lurvely mashed potatos. The presentation was magnificent — when the plate came out I seriously thought it was looked like a hot fudge sundae. It was brilliant.

(Phoenix) FBR Open: Tony and I got there around noon on Sunday, in time to watch a couple of our faves Jesper Parnevik (sporting a groovy hunter green outfit with cool Pumas) and Phil Mickelson tee off at the 16th hole and cheer on a fellow Tiger (after he tee’d off at the 15th hole, I gave him a rowdy ‘Geaux Tigers’ cheer and he turned around and smiled at me). The day was absolutely gorgeous and I feel very fortunate to be able to do this (ie enjoying a golf tournament) in February for gawd’s sake. Yes, sometimes Phoenix blows because it’s not as cool as New York or Boston or San Francisco, but you just can’t beat the beautiful weather.

Check out: this great documentary DIG. Narrated by Courtney Taylor (of theDandy Warhols), it’s the story of his band’s friendship with the members ofBrian Jonestown Massacre, specifically their leader Anton Newcombe. I wasn’t really familiar with BJM, but after seeing this film, I want to know more, their music and especially Anton — who I can’t believe did not end up dead (as most haunted artists are apt to be).