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8:30am: Took Strummer out for a ‘powerwalk’ around the park. My dog does not walk. He gallops. It’s those long legs of his. Ran into Strummie’s pal The Biscuit Man. The pooch gets spoiled at home and the park!

9:30am: Another hour long session at the driving range. I am becoming more confident with my swing. I’m achieving more lift and longer distances with my 7 iron and 5/6 hybrid, yay! I am having major problems with my drivers. I think it’s the longer shaft. I just don’t have the control on my woods as compared to my irons and hybrids.

Noon: Food shopping at the Sunflower. I go here for my staples. I still love mySafeway (they have great sushi, can you believe it?) especially since they completely renovated it to look like AJ’s, but my gawd, I just can’t stand the traffic in that store. I used to always come home with a near-nervous breakdown.

1:30pm: After twenty minutes of chopping, slicing and dicing, the beef stew is safely secured in the crockpot. In less than five hours, dinner will be served, yum.

3:00pm: Juan, The Stucco Man, is stopping by to give us an estimate on our back wall. Ideas are a bubblin’ for the back and front yards. Serious landscaping to be done this year. I hope Juan gives us a discount. We gave him so much business after he stucco’d our house three years ago (five other houses in our neighborhood ended up using him within the year)!

Marc and Kim are thinking of getting married on the rooftop terrace of theValley Ho in September (they are choosing the 23rd — and our wedding date is the 20th, yippy skippy). We joined them on their tour and wow, the view is amazing! 360° views of the valley. I can totally see them exchanging their vows as the sun sets behind Camelback Mountain. I think Kimmie should make tee-shirts for her wedding party that read ‘Wedding Ho’. Haha, get it?

But seriously, if they do decide to have their wedding there it will be gorgeous. I love the hotel’s ‘Rat Pack’ atmosphere. It’s like I expect to see Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr rounding the corner or something.