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After 143 consecutive days of dryness, the rains have finally come and did it arrive big time. The rains have been constant since early this morning and it’s supposed to stick around the rest of the day. It’s kind of messed up our weekend plans (like draining our pool) but it’s nice to see the grey clouds above. The ‘doodle ran out the doggie door for his morning rituals and quickly came scurrying back, shaking off the excess moisture. No powerwalk around the park this morning. Poor Strummie.

Speaking of the pooch, he came back from the groomer’s yesterday. After two not-so-satisfied visits, we decided to switch to someone new. Since the husband works from home on Fridays, he was CFTD (chauffeur for the day). He said the facilities were very nice and their staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. They did a great job grooming him and Strummer, apparently, protested not one bit when they took him away for his pampering. Sigh, what a life that one leads.

Last night, we took it easy and had an early dinner at Cherryblossom Noodle CafĂ©. We consumed a bowl of beef nanban hot udon soup and a spicy beef rice dish and discussed (more) home improvement projects, possibly purchasing a billiards table for the Arizona room, Tony’s parents coming out next month and golf! Yes, my friends, I am addicted. If the rains don’t let up, I think thedriving range at Cracker Jax will be calling my name.

p.s. check out our friend Silvio’s blog. He’s a producer at CNN and it’s interesting to read what he is up to. Time in Iraq, traveling with the President, and looks like he’s back in New Orleans covering post-Katrina. He’s a very cool dude.