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My friend Jill and I viewed The Squid and the Whale at the Camelview this afternoon. I had to really think about how to assess it. It was dark and disturbing and dysfunctional and poignant at the end. Four of five stars. Jill urged me to see Brokeback Mountain (she gave it four and a half stars) but I think it’ll have to wait — the line for BM was a gazillion blocks long. I guess I could view it at another theater, but I like the small and intimate Camelview.

Currently, Tony and I are digesting the first season dvd of The Office (UK). Since we are big fans of the US version, we had to check out the original. It wasn’t until episode three did we warm up to the British characters (I had to wipe my mind free of Steve Carell and company). You just can’t beat the humor of horribly awkward situations.

Another good rental? Me and You and Everyone We Know. I have a total girl crush on Miranda July.